Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm a bit behind my the times. As I find out last minute what the hot toys are. This year apparently my neice wants webkinz.

It's this toy where you purchase this doll, right now the hot seasonal item is a black cat, and you take this doll and register it online. Then you are able to play in this online world of games with your friends.

In this online world you shop and buy Kinzcash to pay for stuff. It's pretty nifty way to suck up the parent money. The toy itself isn't that expensive I think $10-15, but once a child has one they become addicted to having more and more toys within their collection. And they need to spend more money online to play games with friends.

Well I suppose my $10 gift will cost my sister a bunch of money more...oh well. Brillant marketing scheme.

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