Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Poll: Lying to a significant other?

The question is whether you tell financial lies to a significant other? Most people I guess will say no. However I wonder if it's really true or it depends on how you define lie?

In general I would have to say I don't lie to my spouse. However, I do sometimes get the numbers wrong and hence I do think I tell white lies to my spouse about our finances. Like what?

Well I bought this shirt for $8.99, I might say $10. Or I got a haircut for $40, but it was $42. Just sort of a rounding of numbers. I noticed my DH does it as well, he'll round up and down and be in the ballpark of the number. However later I might see the charge or he'll see the charge and ask why is it $X?

Is that a lie or just a slip of the tongue? Is it important? Should we be counting every penny and accounting for it?

Also is not telling your significant other the $ amount a lie? Where I go grocery shopping and he knows I went or sometimes not, and never realizes what I just bought? Should I say I went shopping this evening and spend $40 (more likely $37.xx). Or is it just water under the bridge?

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Angie said...

I think it all depends on how your husband views it.

My DH doesn't care if the amount is 40 or 42, as long as I'm in the ballpark, and the only reason I ask for exact numbers is because I balance the checkbook. My philosophy is, if one of you feels like "guesstimating" is lying, then don't do it. After all, a good marriage is worth far more than money (even when you're pinching pennies!)