Thursday, July 05, 2007

Amazon Sucks!

Okay I ordered a used book from Amazon Marketplace. Unfortunately I bought the book from a seller and it was an older edition. The editioned I received was placed probably "mistakenly" in the 6th edition area.

I called Amazon, and they said to report the mistake by email. Then give the seller another 3-4 business days to respond. Then I could potentially get my money back. I am super unhappy with Amazon.

Their customer service sucks, their return policy is stupid, and they basically are useless. Why do I buy books from them? I really need to get the book but I'm now going to be stuck paying full price.

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it? These online purchases seem perfect and too cheap to be true, and sometimes they are.


Anonymous said...

I always order used books through Amazon. At least 20 so far, plus a dvd for $3. I usually get cook books (Barefoot Contessa, Lydia, Tuscany) and travel books (Fodors, Rick Steves, Frommers) as well as the Dummies series etc. I only had ONE problem and the shipper resent another book.
Sorry it didn't work out for you. But I usually get the books for pennies on the dollar, in good condition. I can't complain.

In Recovery said...

I don't use the Amazon marketplace for just that reason. I was sent a book club version of a hardcover instead of the regular one...very frustrating. Still, Amazon itself has decent return and exchange policies. But the Marketplace? uh uh.