Friday, July 20, 2007

Concession sneakage...

I bought a couple of tickets to the movie Transformers. For the record it wasn't a bad movie, much better than expected. Also there were very few children in the theater, mostly adults and some teenagers.

I bought the tickets from Costco because they give you discounted AMC tickets for $7.50. It's a nice deal. We used to go Regal Cinemas and used the Entertainment book coupons for $5.50. Even better way to save money on tickets. When you consider adult tickets are now $10.50 fo anytime other than matinees. And ever matinees are $7.50.

Going to the movies is a rare treat. But I guess I should ask it is wrong to bring in your own concessions? I feel somewhat bad sometimes, but not all time. At the theater last night we brought in two sodas and a box of candy. Now I sort of feel bad because we probably should not be bringing in food.

But are there circumstances where it's allowed and accepted? What? Well the other theater we go to happens to have a Coldstone's Ice Cream attached so many, many people buy an ice cream and enter. The people working never say a peep, perhaps because Coldstone's has a deal with them. Thus I wonder is it really bad to bring in your own concessions if at some theaters it appears to be allowed?

Do you bring in your own concessions?

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