Monday, July 09, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #108

The Carnival of Personal Finance #108 is up at Broke-Ass Student. Looks like a huge carnival.

I submitted my review of the movie Sicko. Usually I don't review movies but this had a financial bent by being a documentary about the American Healthcare system.

Other great articles is "Don't expect a big pay raise" by consumer commentary. Nice ideas for earning more money. At My Money, My Life she writes about "Food, Money, Love". This is why my DH stays at home when I go grocery shopping. He buys without concern at all for money. We make good money = DH figures he can buy whatever he wants. And honestly being the child of poor immigrants, well food in both our households is the one thing neither of our parents skimp on. They don't waste, they buy quality meat, quality veggies, etc. We always got to eat good food, very well balanced and healthy. Not much junk food, we both grew up eating steak, rack of lamb, lobster, fish, seafood galore. Now that I pay my own food budget, I can only imagine what my mom spends on food a month! Holy cow sashimi every night for me and my dad @ $19.99/lb!

So as a foodie, I can't say I don't feel her pain!

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