Monday, July 30, 2007

Practical or Impractical?

We narrowed down our sofa selection to two choices. One a sofa for $899 from Costco. It is sturdy, durable, dark colored, and comfortable. The second sofa from a store is $1999 but is cream leather, gorgeous and super comfortable.

We love the leather sofa, but it's twice the price, while being less likely to hold up against the wear and tear of dogs and children. So the question now rises should we blow money on a sofa that will look like crap probably sooner? Or a couch that already looks like crap?

This will take more meditation...


Anonymous said...

The second couch is made in China. Not a good thing. You should try to find furniture made in North Carolina with American woods. Also, when you sit on leather for long periods of time, the body sweats, especially when it's warm out. Yuck!
Practicality should be your main concern. A couch is a very important piece of furniture. You should visit furniture stores and outlets and see if you can buy a floor model for less.

Living Almost Large said...

Darn and I haven't found furniture outlets yet. But probably both couches are made in China.