Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I (we) do to be frugal?

Inspired by other bloggers being frugal. I had to stop and think if we do things to be frugal?

1. Bring lunch to work - DH now eats out on $10/week, but this just started 2 weeks ago. For 7+ years he has faithfully brought his lunch, as do I. I still do because I need to control my weight more than he does. Surprisingly I think it saves a lot of money.

2. Bike/Carpool to work - I've done both, and DH is currently carpooling to work. We save a bit on wear and tear on the car, healthier, etc.

3. Buy quality clothes - we bought winter clothes when we moved here 2 years ago, and we haven't replaced any of it. Most people add to their clothes, but not us. And if we gain weight we work really hard to lose weight because we don't want to buy new clothes.

4. Never shop - we don't go to the mall, we don't window or online shop. We go out for a purpose only. This way we never spend extra money. I hadn't stepped foot in a walmart/target for almost 2 years before I went in with friends. We aren't shoppers.

5. Track spending - new thing I'm doing this year. I've always watched our spending but it was trending higher than I would have liked in 2006, so this year I curbed it by writing down all purchases. It used to be that when our CC bill would hit $800 I told DH take it out of the wallet and spend nothing. Eat out of cupboard, etc. Now I'm not so bad, but I'm getting strict again about only spending what is planned.

I guess these few things keep us relatively frugal. We're not super frugal, we could be a lot cheaper. We used to be a lot cheaper, but it works for us.

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You guys are doing great.