Monday, July 02, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #107

The 107th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Blogging Away Debt. My article Cutting Expenses was submitted to the carnival.

Other fun articles to check out is "Senior Money Pit - grandchildren" at GRACEFUL retirement, awesomely brilliant article for seniors. I don't recall what I did at 15 with my grandma, but I suppose it's close to what I do now. Except now I have money to outrageously spoil her rotten. And yes I do, same with my mom because without them I would not be here. My grams is the BEST! And I always send her stuff. But unlike that grandma I saw mine daily.

And near and dear to my heart is "picking an MBA program." About whether to pick a top MBA program. Worth it or not?

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Tricia said...

Thank you for linking to the CoPF :)