Friday, July 06, 2007

Buying a purebred dog

Okay, I'm nuts about my dogs. I enjoy having our Bichon Frises, one we got from a breed specific rescue, and the other a pound. I think the one we got from the pound is a little poodle, and not 100% Bichon Frise, but I could be wrong.

Anyway we spent $300 on each dog from both the pound and shelter. Both dogs came neutered, microchipped, and given vaccines. What a great deal. Also both our dogs were somewhat older and suppossedly housebroken (they are but they choose to party in our house sometimes). We specifically needed Bichons because of DH's allergies, we needed a dog that didn't shed.

But we weren't interested in paying a lot of money to purchase a puppy. But I was curious as to how much it would cost. We never even researched the prices of puppies because I've felt too guilty purchasing a dog when there are many slated to die (including our Bichon Mochi).

Right now checking online it would cost us $895 at the cheapest, up to $1500 for presumably show quality, to purchase a Bichon puppy. This does not shipping. Now if we went to a breeder nearby, it would probably cost more.

Our neighbors probably paid $700+ for their beagle. And what does she have that our two dogs have? Nothing. We even got papers for our first Bichon Stefan from the rescue group.

So I have to wonder, why do people spend so much on purchasing a dog? Is it because you want a puppy? And it's difficult to find a puppy in the shelter? Is it for the status of having a purebred dog? Is it because you plan on showing the dog? Do you not want a dog that has behavior problems?

Most people I know they don't plan on showing their dogs, so why is it necessary to get a purebred dog? I do understand the behavior problems, but most dogs from rescue groups are carefully screened to have wonderful personalities and are 100% adoptable.

I can't understand spending more money on a pet, which will love you whether they were $300 or $1000. Our $300 went to expenses incurred by the rescue and shelter, so we were paying more for the dog's care, not for the dog itself. I guess it's like clothes, most people want the new designer clothes. Not everyone wants the used one.

But something for parents out there considering buying a dog. Please don't, at least not until your kids are really old enough to be responsible. And don't buy a dog, consider adopting one.


In Recovery said...

Hmmmm...I own two purebred cats, bought from breeders. And I love them! They're just the best guys, temperment-wise, very good around people. They were certainly worth the money. I think it depends on what you need from your pet. There's nothing wrong with buying or breeding purebreds as long as it's done responsibly. Glad you have such great dogs!

Living Almost Large said...

What's the difference between your cats and ones from the pound? I think my friend's cat from the pound is awesome.

What do you need from a pet that a purebred gives that a rescued animal doesn't?

You realize one of my Bichon Frises has papers? So he's purebred?

Joyous said...

We are owned by 3 rescued Bichons who are just THE BEST! We've also fostered countless Bichons for Bichon Rescue - each different, but all wonderful. The $150 adoption donation given to Bichon Rescue doesn't even come close to covering the expenses incurred on most fluffs taken into foster home.

Bichons are fabulous in the right home, and a nightmare in a home that doesn't provide enough attention, care and grooming. A great place to learn about the Bichon Frise dog is:


Thank you for opening your heart and home to a pet in need :)

'Joyous' Gaile Avent
Bichon Rescue volunteer
8th annual Southeast USA Bichon Bash

Living Almost Large said...

100% agree the $300 I doubt covers the cost of our two Bichons. And we're doing rescue too. I like two things dogs and kids.

Anonymous said...

Buying pure bred is completely status at this point. It has nothing to do with the animal it is completely based on what other people will think of it. You are buying an incredibly inbred animal for its looks and if you're lucky, personality. People go nuts over having papers to say "I have this" or "I have that" but the bottom line is you should breed brains and bodies to brains and bodies not papers to papers. Going to the pound and finding what you want isn't just cheaper, its ethical and just good sense.