Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Condo Hell Update #3

Okay I am right now fed-up completely with my neighbors. I hate living in my townhouse. I absolutely think it's a great house and love living here, but I cannot stand having to share my expenses and agree with everyone.

I want to the King and Queen of our Kingdom. Right now we're Senators not accomplishing anything. So we bickered and argued more about money. I'm tired of liars, cheats, and con-artists.

Basically the 3rd unit owner is all of those things. I am not fabricating anything. We're willing to pay up our portion of the retaining wall but he is refusing. What are we going to do? My DH again is being very compromising and decided to negotiate part of the money collected from the developer to be for the unit. This way we can move forward. I hate them and I do not want to give them any money period. I might have been more amenable earlier this year but not any more.

Why? Well they refuse to submit and itemized invoice for repairs done to their unit from the insurance settlement. So last night we ended up in a bitter fight with them saying "the contractor was too busy to supply a reciept." My mom always say if it smells like a rat, sounds like a rat, it is a rat! And the 3rd unit owner is a RAT! Something fishy is going on, but he is being a jerk.

So I'm becoming unforunately more irritable with each passing day. I've realized that I hate the 3rd unit owners and despise their lies. The 3rd unit owners lied about the gutters/downspouts. They lied about the electrical wiring. They lied about the money paid by the developer. My DH has compromised on pretty much everything, why? Because he just wants to move forward.

He says that we need to keep good relations with these unit owners. So tell me readers how can owning a single family home cost more and be more hassle than this? I have had to pay more money for damages to my house NOT caused by myself but by idiot owners. We have had to compromise, compromise, compromise.

This is it. I am tired of compromise. I even hate the word. And for what? What did it really save me? Nothing. This townhouse has cost us more emotionally and financially than any single family purely because we have to repair damages done by idiots. You have to have gutters and downspouts, but when the jerks won't pay for it, what choice do you have? Or electrical wiring damaged by those same jerks.

There is no way to get money from a unit owner easily and by "compromising" and allowing the association to pay half of it, the work at least gets done. But these jerks cause the whole problem which by the way they never ask permission from the condo, so the problem happens after the fact.

Thus living in a condo is a nightmare. It is pure hell. There is no escape. And without leverage and constantly trying to negotiate the house would fall apart to crap. There are citations for fire hazards. There is more damage done without a downspout/gutter. So what would you do?

Condos are too stressful.


Anonymous said...

sue the bastards.
or move out.
enough already.

Living Almost Large said...

No can do. I despise the idea of moving. Plus we have a great deal on our place and it would be a terrible waste of money. I think our best bet is to save like mad, try to finish school fast, and run away.

Our 2nd neighbors, this is their first house. We meet before they bought, and they probably make more money than us (being a bit older and both have MBAs). So I asked why buy a townhouse and not just leap to the single family.

Their response was they wanted to experience homeownership first. Well they've had their fill and are ready to move on asap. So I asked 1 year later, their answer NEVER AGAIN. Haha! My goal is to beat them out.