Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hair cut expenditures

A person would think that a woman's hair cuts would cost more than a man's. However in our relationship it is DH who spends more on haircuts. On average he spends $16/haircut every 3 weeks. I get my hair cut maybe 2x/year for $40 because I grow it out and chop it short.

I was asked by a fellow cheapskate why I don't cut DH's hair. I used to cut his hair during graduate school to save money. But because of my efforts he was forever immortalized bald on his old laboratory's website. The day they took pictures was the day after an infamous haircut I gave him. I was new at cutting hair, and thus DH had a few bald spots. Thus he decided to go bald instead of walking around with rat bites.

Well after a few more bad haircuts, I improved enough to be considered decent. However after DH graduated and got a real job, he demanded real haircuts. Meaning he never wanted to have to take a razor and go bald again from my mistakes. Plus I suppose that having a real job it's necessary he looks decent instead of bald whenever I get careless.

But would I spend $200/6 weeks? Honestly yes, if I could afford it and were debt free. Sure I'd have no trouble. So I guess Lazy Man shouldn't complain too much. I think it's a fun treat his wife enjoys and they appear to be debt free earning terrific salaries.


Anonymous said...

I get my hair cut at a hair/beauty school for just five bucks! I always get the latest hair cut craze, always in style plus I am doing a good thing for the students (a live head) and they are doing a great thing for my wallet. Hubby gives him self a buzz cut. I do the trim for him. All for zero dollars.

Lazy Man and Money said...

We can afford it and we choose to keep the debt we have (we could pay it off if we wanted to). I wasn't complaining as much as trying to find a more optimal way to use our money. We do a lot of things to save a few pennies and it's worth investigating the things that cost multiple dollars

Living Almost Large said...

LOL Lazyman, I know you have tons of money hence I think you might as well splurge. You guys are well off financially so enjoy. And $200 every 6 weeks in CA is not outragous, I knew many women who did it every month.