Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dental Followup...

Well turns out things got even worse. The dental office says I didn't give enough notice, 24 hours, though I called the day before. Which is fine, I should have called even earlier. But I still think $350 is an outrageous fee, especially when they have been holding on to $20 of my money!

Last year I had a filling done and was told to pay my portion of the payment as I left. I did this, but it turns out my insurance company overpaid and there was a balance of $20! I was never told this, nor was the insurance company informed that there was a balance in our favor (whose it is, not sure, but I think it's mine).

So I asked why they didn't refund me the money? The receptionist said because they were "holding" on to it until I came in for more dental work. I said what if I didn't come back? She said "Oh well, it's your responsibility to ask for the money back." Yeah right.

If this isn't shady dental practices I don't know what is. I called my dental insurance and was informed that I need to send in a letter informing them on paper what happened so they can investigate the dentist for insurance fraud. I also called the licensing board and was told to file a complaint about the $20 because they legally should not be holding clients money. What do you think the dental office is doing with all these overpayments by clients?

Also the dental office told me there was a sign, not BLATENT, but up somewhere in the office. They said that according to state law, they did not have to get me to sign a form or get me to even see the form and they can charge what they want. I'll be calling another dental office to confirm if this really is state law.

But for now I'm waiting for all my records to examine my previous bills, see their cancellation policy, etc. I think they are real jerks.


Anonymous said...

Do not believe what the dr. office told you about the sign. get in touch with your state's consumer office. you can file a complaint with them, also the Better Business Bureau, online (you don't have to leave the comfort of your home) just file all the complaints, and he will be bombarded with forms to fill out. The Dept. of Professional Licensing is your best bet for his fraudulent tactics. Don't give up. I had a problem with a dentist also and I could only get it resolved this way. The dentist can find himself in deep doo-doo.
Consider it your duty to do this. You are saving the next person from this awful dentist.
Good luck and keep us posted.

mapgirl said...

That's crazy. I overpaid for my portion of dental surgery last year and my dentist promptly cut me a check for the $800 I overpaid.

I would report them to the BBB and find a new dentist. (Oh who am I kidding? I would just find a new dentist.)

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Agreed. This is shady and unethical and keeping quiet would let them get away with it.