Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Becoming Frugal again?

I am starting to think that DH and I more frugal than I thought. I don't think we're living quite as large as I would think we are. I hate to admit it because I feel that we spend A LOT of money very wastefully, compared to our families. Our families are ultra conservative and very, very conscious about not wasting anything. So I feel very luxurious having cable, internet, cell phones, two cars, two dogs, and we love to eat out.

Now before we had little choice to about being frugal. We didn't have much money, lived in a very expensive area, and often dumpster dived and did other crazy stuff for money. We never ate out, never watched movies that wasn't free, and often did surveys or interviews for money so we could maybe get a burger or rent a video. Money was definitely scarce. Then well our circumstances improved almost 18 months ago and we were able to "almost start living large," hence the nickname.

Anyway I began to look retrospectively back these past months and have determined recently that we haven't changed our lifestyle very much. For example we picked up two rugs from neighbors who were throwing them out. We also got free garbage cans from other neighbors moving out. We went to our neighbors homes and got free plants for our yard, with their permission off course (free hostas). And last night I picked up free newspapers from people's recycle bins for the coupon inserts. Yep, I guess my old habits are resurfacing more and more.

I'm starting to wonder if we aren't just frugal to the bone, or if we had more money, and less expenditures we would spend more? I don't know. I would love to eat out but we refused to start the habit, so DH has eaten out probably less than 1 hand's worth at his job. Big deal? Yes. I very infrequently eat out lunch, I can't remember the last time with a coworker.

Do you think that frugality is something your born with or not? Do you think it's based on how you were raised? Or is just mind over matter?

I guess as my nickname suggests I hope one day to live large and really be able to spend my money freely.


Mom2fur said...

It's smart that you've gotten into the frugal lifestyle at such a young age! I wish I'd been that smart way back when. Just based on your article, I have a feeling you're always going to be like this--frugal, but not cheap. Getting something for less, or nothing, is a lot of fun! And you never know what life will bring. Now you can 'live almost large,' but in 10 years, things can change. Take it from me...I was pretty well-off in the 80s. Then things turned around due to ill health and other circumstances. So, stick to your frugal lifestyle, and have fun playing the game!

Living Almost Large said...

I hope I can, but I'd also love to live large one day...