Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Festival of Frugality #69

This week the Festival of Frugality #69 is hosted by the Digerati Life here. She provides a cute setup making days of the week focused on different areas of frugality. My post about my coupon update III was included for the carnival.
I enjoyed two articles "the joys of frugal living" at Frugal for life, and "10 baby items you don't need" at pfadvice. I think these two articles are great posts about living frugally and enjoying it.

I especially enjoyed the baby post because the truth is society and marketing tells you that you need everything for a new baby. And this is probably how and why people go overboard with their first child. However on their successive children they are a lot more frugal and into reusing goods. I totally understand why people do this, and I'm thinking that I may go overboard when we have our first child. But I'm hoping that I can try to curb my impulses and rein in the spending just a little bit.


JW said...

These are some really good articles. Thanks for the post.

frugal zeitgeist said...

I tell people that if I ever had a kid, he or she would wear an adult T-shirt and socks until the growing slowed down a little. Sometimes I think they secretly hope my F-tubes are shootin' blanks.

Living Almost Large said...

I wonder how many people buy into the mentality that they need all this stuff because the "Doctors" consumer reports tell them they need everything.

I can't believe I'm still alive since I didn't have a car seat for years.