Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carnival of Homeowners #1

I participated at the very first carnival of Homeowners! It iup at the Homeowner's Insurance blog. There were only six entries, but hey it's a start. I included my article on "why I hate condo living." From earlier this week.

I also enjoyed reading "Why pets are better renters than kids" by Josh Dorkin. I can totally relate since I only have my fur babies. I hate renting and ended up buying our townhouse because it was impossible to find a rental that would take dogs! When we moved cross country we sent our boy to DH's parents in Canada to chill until we found a place. He was gone almost 3 months. It was sickening. And he's one of the best dogs ever, though I can't say the same about our new one.

Anyway I also enjoyed "Stuck in this housing market" by digerati life. Interesting read. I know the CA market is in trouble.

Anyway enjoy.

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JW said...

I enjoyed reading your article on "Why I Hate Condo Living". It was both entertaining and informational. Thanks