Friday, April 13, 2007

Need versus Want

Well found out that my cousin just bought a Toyota Sequoia. They traded in their Toyota Camry, a relatively new car they bought used in 2005 for Toyota Sequoia. I'm not sure if it was new or used, but it's still a pretty expensive car. I understand why they bought it, because they wanted a cooler car than a camry. But I'm not sure it was a need.

They really want 3-4 children, which is awesome. But I think they probably should have gotten a minivan because of the better gas mileage. Granted they only are on child #1, going on two, but still, I personally would have planned for a vehicle that can carry many children but has good gas mileage. And yes the Toyota Sequoia fits 8, but it doesn't fit 5 car seats the way the Sienna (Toyota's minivan) does. Of course my cousin's plan could be to sell their small car, a Chevy Aveo in a year or two and buy a Toyota Sienna. That would also work, because as their kids get older they don't need car seat and they can still fit in a Toyota Sequoia for now.

But is this a want or a need? I'd catergorize it under a want. Because while they did need a larger car with their growing family; I think that they could have bought something a bit more practical long term. But at least they are happy.

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