Monday, April 23, 2007

Carnival of Homeowner #2

The second edition of the Carnival of the Homeowner is up at Home Insurance lowdown. My article trusting trust deed is up.

I enjoyed this second edition of the carnival. One simple and elegant post was "4 Red Flags for home repair fraud" by my simple trading system. It listed simple 4 things to look for when hiring someone to do repairs to your home. It was nice neat and simple. The second great post was "buying a house impossible in some markets," a the digerati life. I overall enjoy the digerati life, but this was a very thought provoking homeownership post about high cost of living areas.

The idea is that there are 10 seriously unaffordable home markets. Of which New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, and Boston are part of these markets. So I guess when people talk of unaffordable and expenesive areas to live they should think about how bad it is in those cities before they say where they live is unaffordable. What can I say? I've only bought, lived and owned in three of those 10 seriously unaffordable home markets. Sigh, so I've never known how to live in a cheaper area.

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