Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheap Vacation?

So DH really wants to go on vacation. And no we haven't got the money for it. But he said a weekend vacation would be acceptable if we went somewhere. I think he'd love a week and we'll discuss maybe going camping or renting a cabin for a week somewhere close. But he really wants to weekend in Niagara Falls.

So we disscussed it and came up with $600 for 4 days/3 nights driving. That includes the 3 nights hotel, 4 days of dog boarding, gas for driving, and eating out while we're there. Do you think that's too expensive or about right?

We decided to drive because otherwise we'd have to fly to Buffalo or Toronto and rent a car anyway so we might as well drive. Also since we had to drive to the falls it'll be not that much longer if you factor in driving to drop the dogs off, which is on the way, then driving to the airport, waiting before departure and time to get the rental car.

Our biggest expense is probably the dog boarding, but it can't be helped. Since we have two dogs now it's twice as expensive, oh well. So anytime we plan on going anywhere we always have to add that expense, even a weekender. And we've considered a dog sitter, but I'm not sure who'd we trust. And our dogs are sort of high maintenance so I'm not sure if we could just allow a neighbor or friend to watch them. Well we don't know anyone who'd take two dogs anyway. Plus one of them is still a bit problematic.

Anyway I'm just wondering, is this what most people would spend for a weekend away? Are we far off? Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap weekend vacation?


Anonymous said...

$600 seems fine to me, but NF is touristy so most every thing is more expensive than quality dictates. Niagara-on-the-lake, nearby, is really nice. You should look it up if you haven't been there before.

My only suggestion is to make decisions & get the "have a cheap vacation" stuff out of your system before you leave. Neither of you will enjoy the trip if you're stressing out over the cost of everything.

Living Almost Large said...

Honestly I've never been but DH has and really wants to go. Thus why we're budgeting $600 for it so we can enjoy our time there and not worry about money. That's usually what we do for every vacation, plan on spending a set amount and try to get under it.

We did it for our honeymoon that way and it worked out nicely.

plonkee said...

I spent about $380 of money on a weekend in Brussels on my own (I live in the UK, by the way) and I always travel cheaply, so $600 for both of you seems fine.

NIUiceprincess said...

When we drove from Chicago to Toronto I think overall we spent about $450. My sister gets a discount at Enterprise through work, so the $400 included car rental,gas and then 3 nights at a cheapo Travelodge. Well it wasn't really cheapo, it looked like any regular chain hotel but we got a good deal on expedia for it. For eating, we mostly did family style stuff so it was cheaper yet more food for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Stay on the Canadian side. You'll save even more money. Since you are driving, that should be easy enough.