Monday, April 16, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #96

This week the 96th Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by JP at AllfinancialMatters. This looks fantastic as well. I submitted my article "the risks of being a stay at home parent." Which thus far has generated some discussion.

But an entry that grabbed my eye is "maxing out retirement = saving too much." Somthing near and dear to my heart. I don't fully agree with the article, since I think saving now leads to more choices later, but there are some valid arguments about spending too (Guess most people would never think I would say that). But I know if I had a lot more money and was able to do one thing, I'd buy a new car. Yep you read that right, but it's not a priority and I can't afford it to back to my car it is.

Second post I really enjoyed I have to really REALLY recommend is "financial train wreck - my pastor's house." Wow, what a unbelievable story. I guess I should say I don't believe in organized religion. Am I an atheist? Maybe, I'm not sure yet the jury is still out. But I can't believe that someone who goes to church could be taken by their PASTOR! This is compeletely unbelievable. But I can understand why you never do business with FRIENDS or FAMILY! Before you do anything with someone you wouldn't want to be suiing, read this post!


Anonymous said...

Where is it written that a pastor (who, BTW is a human being) must be ivory pure? If you are buying a home (from anyone or anything) it is a business transaction and must be treated as such.
Let the buyer beware.
Throughout the ages, the most corrupt men, were the popes. I rest my case. Amen.

Living Almost Large said...

I'd agree, but most people who go to church regularly would say that their pastor should be better than average. And since I don't go to church or haven't been, I can't comment more than what I've heard.

But I have to say the post does show why not to do business with Friends or Family.