Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Festival of Frugality #71

This week the 71st Festival of Frugality is hosted at the tao of making money. My post about "vacation want or need" was submitted to the festival.

One great article at the Digerati Life was "Do you know how much your car cost you?" I really enjoyed reading it. I've thought about dumping one of our cars because now that we live on the East coast it's sort of unnecessary because I usually use public transportation. However both cars are paid for, we've taken care of them, and we know the history. So it would probably cost more for us to sell it now and buy a used car later. One which we don't know the history. Besides we've already eaten the depreciation of our new cars, which are nice cars, but really it didn't depreciate as much because they were super cheap cars to begin with.

Second article I enjoyed was "cutting grocery costs without clipping coupons" by Amy Fontinelle. It made some great suggestions, I might also add don't shop when hungry. Also always shop with a list and stick to it. But her list is good and informative.

Enjoy the festival!

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