Sunday, April 22, 2007

Part four coupon journey...

Okay so I've been spending almost nothing at CVS with coupons this month. And I have enough extra bucks so that I spend almost nothing next month as well. Pretty nice deal, I think I have enough toothpaste 10 tubes to last a lifetime. There's only two of us and we use a tube about every two months.

But since I've been couponing I will say I've been more consciously looking for savings. And today I found a steal of a deal. I went to Target and bought dog treats for 99/cents a bag. The purina eazy chew meats. They are small and while not the typical 100% meat treats I buy, they were substantially cheaper than usual. There was a coupon attached for $1 off and the sale price was $1.99 so I bought 7 bags. Sure before I might never have noticed the coupons so this was an awesome deal.

I also have been using my coupons on stuff like gogurt again something I never bought before, or dole juice. Yes they are prepacked foods, so I feel really guilty, but DH loves eating the yogurt while driving in the morning and I never bought him juice. We're soda drinkers so this is sort of an alternative to his 3-4 can a day habit. Granted we still have about 40 cases in the closet of Soda, but we're weaning him off of Coke. And no soda doesn't affect us, we go to bed with a can of soda next to DH. We drink it, brush our teeth and can sleep no problem.

But I guess the best thing for me about couponing recently is just I've become more conscious about our spending, more conscious again about pricing items and calculating the best deals, and just overall watching what we buy at the grocery store.

Plus I had a coupon for $1 off fresh express salads (prepackaged salads I never buy), which I have 4! I nearly lept because the store was having a Buy one get one free deal on top of that, so I lucked out. $2 for 2 bags of 1 lb salads. Awesome!

So I guess overall I've been saving a lot, I have enough medicine, toiletries to last a lifetime. I no longer need to buy any shampoo, bodywash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. I could even donate some. I also have a ton of toilet paper and paper towels. So I have I made huge progress in couponing? Yes/no, yes in non-perishables and no in food, but we're getting there. I am at least saving the cost of a the paper $3/week in food from coupons so I'll continue.

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NIUiceprincess said...

i always buy my starbucks bottled frappuccino at CVS on the way to work, and using my extra care card i guess they can track your spending pattern. today i looked at my receipt and they took 15 cents off that item!

I bought a jumbo Hershey's Kiss for my co worker's birthday. i think it was a left over from Easter coz it was marked down to 87 cents from always 4 bucks. She likes Kisses, so it's not like i was being extra cheap, but i was pleased to find it marked down that much.