Monday, April 09, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #95

This week the carnival of Personal Finance #95 is up at Accumalating Money. One post which entwines nicely with my entry about the risks of retiring early is a post by Broke Now, Rich Later. He writes about choosing a HDHP/HSA instead of a traditional health insurance plan. Excellent well write post, and something people who are paying a lot for insurance should think about. I advocate HDHP/HSA for people who are younger and don't get sick a lot. I do not reccomend them for older people necessarily. And what about those retiring before 65? That's a tough call.

There were many other great posts in the Carnival. One I liked is in line with my thoughts about CC usage, over at Grad Money he writes "Stop blaming CC". Ever notice how people who use CC always rail at those who don't?

A shout out to the weight of money blog for making their one year anniversary. Sounds like they made great progress this year.

Finally as homage to my DH and his ability to understand sunk's a post for you at Tight Fisted Miser about "Sunk Costs." You know it takes others years to learn this but my DH's always known it and preaches it to me constantly. Do I listen? Nah, I just sort of roll with the flow and can't let go. That's maybe why I married him.

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donna jean said...

Thanks, it has been a great year and looking back and seeing the progress made has made it a great "birthday" gift. Those little steps all have certainly added up more than I thought they could.